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For vehicles of different types, Tucson Locksmith has to take in the age of the car, if Tucson Locksmith is familiar with the car, because they all operate differently.


Once the Tucson Locksmith has a plan on how to unlock the door, he or she will put it into action and try as many possibilities as possible, with a last case scenario being to replace the lock, or use force to open it. For wireless entry, it could be as simple as having low batteries. Tucson Locksmith will do a quick check by replacing the batteries and trying again. If it still doesn't work, Tucson Locksmith will have to do some work on your car lock for a reasonable price, and you'll have to manually unlock the doors for a couple of days.


Rust can cause a lock to malfunction. Tucson Locksmith see's this quite often. There are products you or Tucson Locksmith can try to use to eliminate the rust, but the lock may need to be replaced. If it is very cold out, Tucson Locksmith will have some lock de-icer on them and use that to open the lock, but sometime's the door sticks as well, so Tucson Locksmith will use their best tools and expertise to get you into your car on a cold day. Lastly, if all else fails, we at Tucson Locksmith recommend WD-40!