About Tucson Locksmith


Troubleshooting Tucson Locksmith's Problems
Not everything with Tucson Locksmith goes right the first time. Sometimes not the second, and sometimes it just doesn't go right at all! You have a few options if this happens. Sometimes the key itself will malfunction or warp due to excessive use or age. Us at Tucson Locksmith can repair the key, or simply create a new one. If the key is to break, we, Tucson Locksmith can make a duplicate of it if you're able to bring us in the broken parts. It is costly to make a new key without the old parts.


Key's use wedges that fit into pins to open the lock. If the wedges are worn down, they may not do their job anymore. Tucson Locksmith can create a new key for you that will fit in the lock perfectly. Sometimes its the lock itself that malfunctions, and it is quite easy for Tucson Locksmith to repair that lock, or simply install a new one at an affordable price. With Tucson Locksmith, we will try everything before replacing a lock, but sometimes its the only option. Tucson Locksmith will beat any (reasonable) price, and use the best locks for you. Just to humor you, Tucson Locksmith asks, “Are you using the right key?”


For electronic keys in a business setting, Tucson Locksmith installs a failsafe for the locks. If, in the case that the failsafe fails (what a conundrum!) Tucson Locksmith next step is to check circuit breakers and a backup power generator. Next, check the power source, then the logical control (installed and programmed by Tucson Locksmith, it uses a simple system to activate and deactivate locks when cards are inserted) and finally, check the locking device that Tucson Locksmith has used. Make sure there is no physical damage done to the lock, either.


If the system is still not working after Tucson Locksmith's troubleshooting and trying ideas, Tucson Locksmith left records of the installation, go over those to see if there is anything you have missed.